Ilundi’s range of genuine leather bags and accessories are timeless and classic. Minimal geometric lines and quality natural materials result in a range exuding understated luxury and sophistication. Influenced by minimalist Japanese aesthetic principles and clean cut Scandinavian designs, products are stripped down to their essential qualities to achieve simplicity. Pieces are produced with artisanal proficiency – hand cut, hand stitched, hand woven originals.

Ilundi products are labours of love. They can take up to 14 hours to make by hand. Every hole is hand punched and every stitch hand sewn. No sewing machines are used. We prefer to do things with just our hands, which is the hard way but also the best way. We sew our products with the reliable saddle stitch, which is one of the oldest stitches used in leather work. It is much stronger than the lock stitch used in sewing machines. We use waxed thread for extra durability and added wear protection.

We use the finest full grain vegetable tanned cowhide sourced from tanneries within South Africa. Vegetable tanning allows the leather to continue to absorb water and oils throughout its lifetime, developing a rich dark patina with use. It improves with age and moulds to your lifestyle. Every time your Ilundi product is handled, the natural oils from your hands will be transferred to and condition it.  Over time it will It will become your trusted companion that tells your story. 

Ilundi products are made with the finest quality materials available. Any irregularities in the colour or in the grain are normal characteristics of natural leather. Leather items may have wrinkles, scars or scratches, that are an inherent quality and natural beauty of the hide.